Christmas salad

When is a salad not a salad. Probably this one. Like its traditional summer cousin this can be made well in advance (even the day before) and get dressed just before the party. Given the amount of cold turkey and ham lying around, it proves itself invaluable, quietly sitting in the fridge waiting for you to potter over after your second glass of wine. Simple baked potatoes are good to have with it.

Start with a base of very finely shredded red cabbage, a little finely sliced raw Brussels sprouts and some red lettuce leaves. Add in any of the following ingredients: Finely chopped red onion, a generous quantity of grated carrot, diced red skinned apples, fine slices of baby courgettes and fennel bulb and a few sprigs of watercress or similar. Also try and add in some sliced celery, making sure to remove the outer strings with a potato peeler first. Finally, scatter on some sultanas. Don’t be tempted to add any tomatoes – they just don’t look right. Toss all the ingredients around until you have lovely colourful mix and cover with cling film. Leave it in the fridge to keep crisp.

Whilst you remember before you eat, toss the salad using a large spoon and fork in a dressing made of half mayonnaise and half vinaigrette to which you’ve added some left-over chutney.

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