Easy puddings

I’m still feeling unenthusiastic about cooking so here are three desserts that are easy on the eye and energy.

Syrup baked apple

Select a large desert apple per person.   Cut off the stalk end and the bottom end so they sit flat in an oven proof dish.   Core them either with careful knife pricks or invest in a cheap corer.   I don’t usually recommend gadgets but a corer is actually quite useful.   Poke some fruit cake into the centre holes with your finger and then drizzle over a lot of golden syrup.  Add a dash of water and cover with foil.   Bake for 40 minutes and serve with cream.

Grown up pineapple

Fresh pineapple is a completely different animal than the tinned variety.   Slice off the top, bottom and outer skin and then down each side of the core.   Cut the flesh into bite sizes, put in a pretty glass bowl and pour over a lot of Kirsch or pear/apple liqueur.   It sounds so simple, but it is really good.

Cheats chocolate mouse

Use the best chocolate mousse you can find in individual tubs from the supermarket.   Spoon carefully into wine or champagne glasses and top with whipped cream, into which (only if you have the energy) you can fold orange rind, espresso coffee, ginger or brandy.    To make it look as if you’ve made an effort, melt some plain chocolate in a bowl over simmering water, pour onto a piece of tin foil and spread out with a knife.   Cool in fridge and then scrunch up the foil to make shards of chocolate.  Stick these artistically into the whipped cream.

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