Egg Suppers

I recently decided to try the Lakeland microwave omelette maker and I must say it does make the most deliciously light and fluffy omelette. Buy on line or in the Buchanan Street Centre in Glasgow. Disregard the instructions – they’re small and complicated. All you do is pop any mixture you like (grated cheese, cubes of blue cheese, chopped onions or garlic, torn spinach leaves, slices of tomato, peppers, mushrooms) plus a tbls water in the bottom of the red case and microwave for 1.5” at 800. Meanwhile whisk up 2 large eggs, 2 tbls milk and any seasoning or chopped parsley/herbs you have handy. Take the omelette maker out and pour the egg mixture on top of the filling. Pop back into the microwave for 2” and then take out and turn the whole thing over for 30 seconds. It tastes like nothing you can make yourself.

An easy egg supper is to gently fry some chopped onion and cubes of bread until golden, add some chopped ham or left over bacon, sliced tomato, a des. wine vinegar, seasoning and a tin of baked beans (small or large depending on numbers). Modern cuisine would add the obligatory pinch of chilli powder. Cook for about 2” before making indentations with the back of a tablespoon – say four. Break an egg into each hollow, cover with tin foil and pop the frying pan in the oven for another 4-5”. Perfect for a telly supper.

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