Go bananas

If you pick up a bunch of not quite ripe bananas and keep most of them in the fridge, they are very handy to make a quick dessert with.

Banana crumble

This easy recipe uses up any overripe bananas which is a great help. Just slice them into an oven dish and cover with golden or maple syrup. With your fingers roughly crumble up a cup each of flour, butter and muesli (or similar) and spread on top – don’t smooth it. Bake for about half an hour.

Even simpler, just cover the sliced bananas with whipped cream instead of the crumble mixture. Grate some chocolate over it show you’ve tried.

Banana parfait

This is from Clare Russell’s wonderful book ‘I Love Food’.

Whisk six egg yolks with 4oz. icing sugar (and a splash of Drambuie or rum). Whizz three bananas in the blender with some lemon juice and add to the egg mixture. Fold in ½ pint whipped cream. Pour into 8 individual molds and freeze for several hours. Dip in hot water to unmold and serve topped with sugared banana slices. You make these by dipping the banana slices in sugar and browning quickly in a coated frying pan until they begin to caramelise. Serve with chocolate or caramel sauce. This is pudding perfection.

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