Homemade hamburgers

Honestly, there is no comparison between a homemade hamburger and a shop bought one. Here is a recipe I’ve used for years and years because everyone enjoys them – and children love making them too which keeps them quiet on a Saturday morning! The recipe is basically the same as for steak tartare and is ideal for barbecuing as well as frying.

Allow a generous ¼ lb. ORDINARY mince per person (preferably from a butcher shop). Place in a large bowl and add a good dollop of olive oil, one egg yolk per lb., plenty of Lea and Perrins, some salt, some chopped parsley (scissored up in a mug) and a little crushed garlic.

Plunge your clean hands into this unedifying mess, mix and knead it thoroughly, scoop out a handful and roll it round and round to form a gently squashed disc. Keep going, placing finished hamburgers on a flat plate or tray, and then allow to absorb the flavours for a bit (or overnight).

Barbecue or fry over a high heat so that the outside is dark brownish and the inside still pink. Rest before eating. Beware not to overcook them and lose that delicious moist inside. Once removed from the heat they still go on cooking without telling you. Place in a warm buttered roll and top with ketchup and rings of raw onion – absolutely wonderful!

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