Lamb chops, my favourite way

However you serve them lamb chops are a very expensive treat but sometimes, when I want to appear as if supper has been effortless, I say ‘bother it’ and make this superbly easy dish ahead of time.  It’s really a good old fashioned Irish stew without the barley and has its own wonderful flavour.  

Allow at least 3 chops or cutlets per person and brown them quickly in hot oil, sprinkle over a little flour and stir it in for a minute before adding cubed potatoes and sliced carrots and onions.   Pour in enough water to just cover it all plus some herbs and seasoning – don’t be tempted to add other vegetables.  For extra flavour you can add a stock cube if you like.  Cook in a medium oven for a good hour, giving it a stir halfway through.   I can’t tell you how delicious this simple dish is.   Sprinkle with a little chopped parsley if giving it to visitors.

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