Left overs

My daughter throws out yoghurt which is one hour over its sell by date.  My mother, like yours, and accustomed to wartime rationing, used up every last scrap.

The last over-ripe tomato, the cold bacon rasher, the remaining sausage (are there ever any), the hardening little block of old cheese – all fell foul of my mother’s scissors and became fodder for a tasty omelette.  Any left over potatoes (boiled or baked) plus bacon, onion, tomato,parsley, grated cheese etc. were sliced and fried with any left over vegetables before being submerged in whisked egg and left to cook.  This was served in wedges from the pan and is now called a Frittata.

Here are some other good old fashioned ideas.   

Leftover lamb can be shredded or finely sliced and fried till crispy.  Fold into some pasta with a jar of pasta sauce or equally serve on a mixed salad sprinkled with packet croutons.

Talking of salad, don’t throw away the remains of a dressed salad – whizz it into any green soup (supermarket spinach for instance).

Stir in scissored up ham slices, slices of old sausage, tomatoes, etc. into a ready-made macaroni cheese and sprinkle with grated parmesan.  Alternatively mix into any of Aunt Tilda’s rice packets.   I thoroughly recommend them.

Don’t throw away the crystallised dregs of the ice-cream – whisk them into room temperature cream to serve with dessert – as in below.

Fruit like bananas, apples and pears look lovely in a bowl on the table, but there comes a point when they’re looking a bit soft.   Fry them up in butter and brown sugar and cover with a good blob of cream – delicious.

There’s nothing like leaving an empty fridge when you go away.

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