Smoked salmon fishcakes

This is a great way to use those reduced packets of smoked salmon and they are extremely tasty.

In a large bowl combine equal quantities of chopped smoked salmon and mashed potato.   Add 2 beaten eggs, lots of chopped parsley (scissored up in a mug), salt, pepper, lemon juice and a slurp of tomato ketchup .   

Pour some flour into a soup bowl.  Shape a small handful of the smoked salmon into a nice shape with your hands and then roll it in the flour.  This is the quickest way, but purists will probably roll in beaten egg and then breadcrumbs – both are messy.

Serving with a sauce is vital.   Hollandaise is the obvious one, but I use a sweet chilli dip from a jar.   Alternatively make a fake tomato salsa by combining a tin of chopped tomatoes with some tomato ketchup and a little vinegar, Lea and Perrins and a dessert spoon of sugar.

How about some chips to go with them.   I have just discovered that if you have too many chips with your fish from the fish and chip shop, pop any extra ones into the freezer the moment you get home and then reheat them on a tray in the oven whenever – they’re delicious.

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