Soggy orange syrup cake

With my rather cavalier attitude to exact amounts I know I’ll never make a proper baker, so it is with great delight that I pass on this superbly delicious cake recipe translated into easy language (all tablespoons are heaped) – it really works my way which makes it good for children to make.

One orange and 1 tbls. lemon juice
1/2 teas. bicarb of soda
10 tbls. SR flour (225g)
4 tabls. sultanas (110g)
2 tbls. walnuts (50g)
8 tbls. sugar (225g)
A good half block of butter (150g)
A full mug of milk (250ml)
2 eggs

Cut the orange into chunks, squeeze out 1 tbls. juice and add this to the lemon juice.   Blend the orange (skin and all), the sultanas and the walnuts in a mixer until medium fine.  Cream the butter and most of the sugar until fluffy, add the orange mixture, eggs and milk. Sieve in the flour and bicarb from high above the bowl and spoon fold it in to the mixture.  Line a 7 1/2 inch baking tin (you can buy them ready lined from Mary Berry which is very useful) and cook in a medium hot oven (180) for an hour.    Before it cools down pour over the fruit juices and some maple/golden syrup and sprinkle over the remaining sugar.   This cake is one of life’s great pleasures.

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