Zebra pudding

Is there anything more delicious than any sort of chocolate pudding. This easy to make dessert looks stunning in a glass bowl and can be made days before. You could also do it in large individual wine or grapefruit glasses.

Basically you carefully layer up dark chocolate mousse and a yoghurt/cream /crumbly mixture trying to make as many layers as possible – hence the name of the recipe. Make the ingredients first and then have fun creating the layers.

You may have your own favourite chocolate mousse recipe, in which case make that – otherwise this one works fine. For extra deliciousness why not try using Green and Black’s orange chocolate, or come to think of it, their peppermint chocolate. That’s a good idea.

Chocolate mousse: Use 1 egg per person and 2oz. of dark chocolate per person. Melt the broken chocolate in a bowl set above a saucepan of shallow simmering water – professionally called a bain-marie. Resist the urge to stir until it has melted, remove and when really cool stir in the egg yolks Whisk the egg whites until you can turn the bowl over without them coming out (longer than you think) and then gently mix into the chocolate mixture. Cool in fridge.

Cream mixture: Mix together half whipped cream and half vanilla yoghurt.

Crumbly mixture: Mix together half Alpen or Grapenut cereal with crumbled digestive biscuits made by bashing them in a plastic bag with a rolling pin or similar such as a large wooden spoon. Thinking of something really annoying at the same time (preferably human) makes this action even more satisfactory.

Delicately layer up these three using a clean spatula – or get the children to do it which they love. End up with the creamy layer and sprinkle with grated chocolate or cocoa powder. This dessert is the pinnacle of culinary art.

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